The Party of Lincoln and Reagan

In Talbot County, Maryland

About the Talbot County Republican Central Committee

Who We Are

The members of the Central Committee are elected in the primary election every four years during the year of a gubernatorial election.

The newly elected members take office following the gubernatorial general election.  Membership of the committee is set at ten members, elected at large.

All members must reside in Talbot County and be registered to vote as Republican.

The Central Committee meets monthly.

Central Committee Members

Richard Osborne

Vice Chairperson
Shari Ochse

Ashley Sard

Lori Stepp

General Counsel
Ramon Gras

Supporting Treasurer & General Counsel
James Worm III

Eric Bridges

Ray Grodecki

Richard Holman

Benjamin P. Kelley

Our Guiding Principles

Eastern Shore Values

Freedom, family and the pursuit of happiness over national agendas and government intrusions.

Respect, Opportunity and Safety for All

Equal respect, economic opportunities and safe environments that are crime free, clean and inclusive.

Efficient and Responsive Government

Affordable taxation with continuous improvement in government performance.

Improved Public Education

High performing public schools for all citizens regardless of income.

Intelligent Economic Growth

Preservation of agriculture and the Chesapeake Bay while encouraging intelligent business and industrial growth.

News & Notes

Updates & Events

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